Truck scales tailored to your business

We can connect a range of peripheral devices to each truck scale depending on the customer's needs.
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Zdjęcie przedstawiające samochód ciężarowy na wadze firmy Wagowskaz

Truck scales

We specialize in the production and installation of drive-on and pit-mounted scales for trucks.

Scale service

We offer maintenance services for truck scales as well as installation of supporting systems.


We perform initial calibrations for new scales as well as recalibrations for scales whose validity has expired.

What distinguishes us?

Wagowskaz stands out with advanced production technologies, reliability, and innovative approach to designing scales for heavy vehicles.
wide range of satisfied customers using our scales
over 2 years  of experience
timeliness of order execution
continuous contact with the customer at all stages of order realization
individual approach to each customer
prompt response to warranty and post-warranty claims

About the company

Zdjęcie przedstawiające samochód ciężarowy na wadze firmy Wagowskaz

WAGOWSKAZ" is a family-owned company that has been operating in the market since 2017. We are a manufacturer of electronic vehicle scales: ramp and pit scales. In our rich offer you will find a full range of services such as:

  • design;
  • production;
  • installation;
  • service;
  • legalization.

We focus on high quality new solutions in the field of electronic vehicle scale engineering.


A vehicle scale has its application in virtually every branch of industry, including:
  scrap yards
  coal yards
  poultry farms
  sorting plants

Useful Articles

We publish useful information on the latest technologies in the heavy vehicle weighing industry that help our customers better understand and utilize our products.

Frequently Asked Questions

By answering the most commonly asked questions, we help our customers find answers faster.

How does the ordering process look like?

The process of ordering a weighing system for heavy vehicles includes: consultations with the customer, evaluation of specifications and requirements, on-site survey, quotation, approval of the offer, delivery, installation and commissioning, followed by user training and technical support.

What activities are performed during weight servicing?

During servicing, a series of checks are carried out to locate faults, rectify them, and check the weight parameters to restore the weight to its pre-failure condition.

What is the lead time for a weight order from the time the foundations are laid?

The lead time for an order depends on many factors. Normally, the construction of a weight takes about 4 weeks.

Which type of scale to choose? A ramp scale or a pit scale?

The choice between a ramp scale and a pit scale depends on the user's preferences and needs. A ramp scale is elevated 33cm above the ground. A pit scale is installed flush with the existing ground surface. If the customer has limited maneuvering space on the site, we recommend choosing a pit scale. A pit scale can also be installed in the location of an old mechanical vehicle scale.

Our Partners

Our partners are key players in our business strategy, enabling us to achieve mutual benefits and shared success.