Products and Services

Picture of a weighbridge with ramps for trucks

Ramp scales

Ramp scales make up 90% of the scales produced and installed by WAGOWSKAZ. These scales are designed to be elevated above the ground, providing easy access to the necessary electronics during installation or maintenance. To limit unnecessary movement of the scale, special bumpers are installed to prevent excessive movement. The space created between the scale and the foundation can be easily cleaned using a pressure washer. Ensuring the longevity of the scale requires proper cleaning and maintenance.


90% of the scales produced and installed by WAGOWSKAZ are weighbridges (elevated above the ground). This allows easy access to the electronics necessary during installation or any necessary inspections during the scale's operation. The movement of the scale is limited with special bumpers that prevent excessive (unnecessary) movement of the scale. The space created between the scale and the foundation can be easily cleaned with a pressure washer. Maintaining the cleanliness of the scale is the key to its trouble-free operation.

Picture showing a pit weighbridge for trucks
Picture showing precast foundations for truck scales

Prefabricated foundations

These foundations are prefabricated elements of the foundation for a vehicle scale, and can be designed for both weighbridge and flush-mount scales. We can also have prefabricated ramps in both concrete and steel versions. This type of foundation is suitable for locations with a level terrain.

Wet cast foundations

These foundations are made on site at the customer's location using formwork. The advantage of such a foundation is the ability to adapt to the terrain levels, which are different in every location. Foundations can be made for both weighbridge and flush-mount scales.

Picture showing wet pouring of foundations for truck scales
Picture showing the weighing systems service for trucks


During the service, a series of checks are carried out to locate the fault, remove it, and check the scale parameters, bringing the scale back to its pre-fault condition. It is important to thoroughly check all scale components, such as sensors, cables, electronics, and mechanics, to ensure that they are functioning properly and will not cause any further malfunctions in the future.

Scale legalizations

Scale legalization involves checking the scale with certified mass standards. After being checked, the scale is legalized in class III accuracy, which is necessary for commercial settlements. We carry out the legalization of newly created scales being introduced to the market, as well as re-legalization of scales whose legal period has expired or is expiring within the statutory period.

During the preparation of the scale for legalization, such parameters are checked as:

  • Checking the operation of the strain gauges,
  • Maintenance of the strain gauge sockets,
  • RMechanical and electronic adjustment of the scale,
  • Conducting a test weighing and calibration of the scale,
  • Official fees related to legalization,
  • Providing mass standards,
  • Scale legalization.
A picture depicting the process of legalizing weights for trucks
Picture showing parts and support systems

Spare parts and supporting systems

In our offer, we also have spare parts for various types of vehicle scales, including:

  • strain gauge sensors,
  • weighing terminals,
  • summing boxes.

In addition, we also offer the sale of supporting systems such as:

  • cameras,
  • barriers,
  • light control,
  • external displays,
  • thermal printers,
  • licensed weighing software.